"Accompagner l’apprenant par une formation qui ait du sens et fournir au formateur les éléments-clés d’accompagnement"

Digital Learning

Outsource your training through our Digital Health Learning expertise to engage your learners and make effective the individualization of training that traditional and face-to-face solutions no longer allow.

Scripting & gamification

We create educationals, interactives and engaging games through user-oriented storyboards : our clients regularly participate in our project seminars.

Learning analytics

Motivation and learner commitment are key training elements which are difficult to measure. Our product roadmap targets adaptive learning as the new digital learning milestone.

Network of expert trainers

Thanks to our network of experts and our knowledge bases, we create tailor-made scientific, regulatory, « compliant » content.

Mobile applications

The training can be serious and committed while being fun and dedicated ! Our mobile solutions for training support, young people follow-up or disability companion are proof of this commitment.


The support & employment mobile application intended for all young people monitored by the Local Missions.

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> 50


+ 6000 h

of training per year

> 50 modules

deployed per year


Healthcare Professionnals

  • RGPD
  • Anti-corruption – Loi Sapin II
  • Formations scientifiques
  • Éducation thérapeutique du patient
  • Accueil et préparation du patient dans le cadre d’une chirurgier ambulatoire
  • Ouverture du bloc d’anesthésie
  • Accueil du patient au bloc opératoire


Industrial Healthcare

  • Formation réglementaire – Promotion du médicament
  • Anti-corruption – Loi Sapin II
  • RGPD
  • Formations scientifiques
  • Bonnes pratiques de fabrication


  • RGPD
  • Anti-corruption – Loi Sapin II
  • Bonnes pratiques des entretiens de management
Synakène has been assessed as meeting the requirements required by Qualiopi for Training Actions (quality certification for providers of actions contributing to skills development) for 4 years on January 26, 2021.

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Synakène is a member of the Medicen cluster and is one of the industrial partners within the FHU Child consortium.

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La Story de Synakène

DES FORMATIONSUN PEU DIFFERENTES REBRIQUE | Formation du mois  Synakène vous propose de découvrir la formation de prévention de la corruption et du trafic d’influence – Loi Sapin 2. A l’issue de ce premier module, le participant sera capable de :• Connaître les règles...

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#Maltraitance physique infantile : les #résultats d'une revue systématique soulignent la nécessité de produire des #recommandations claires et standardisées pour optimiser le #diagnostic des professionnels de santé.


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